School attendance in Term 2

In the lead up to Term 2, the Department for Education, Children and Young People is reminding parents and carers of the importance of regular school attendance.

Department for Education, Children and Young People Secretary Tim Bullard said being at school every day is really important for the social, emotional and intellectual development of children and young people.

“Going to school regularly, where our children can learn and grow alongside their friends and with their teachers, is where they’ll benefit the most,” Mr Bullard said.

“I want to reassure families that COVID-safe measures are in place in all our schools, so that every student can access education and feel safe.

“If your child is well enough to attend school, being in the school environment is the best place for them.

“When Term 2 kicks off next week, my message to families is: let’s make every school day count.”

The physical school environment not only promotes academic success, but also involves the development of social skills, relationships and confidence.

Evidence shows that regular attendance at school is critical to children and young people achieving their full potential, remaining engaged in learning, and leading happy and fulfilling lives.

If a student does need to isolate due to COVID-19, they will be supported to learn online with a teacher via the Virtual Learning Centre.

The Department for Education, Children and Young People and Public Health will continue to work closely with public school communities and the non-government sector to support them with managing COVID-19 in their communities.

If parents and carers have any questions or concerns about their child’s safety or attendance, they should discuss these with their child’s teacher or their school Principal. Support is available to ensure that your child is set up to succeed by attending school regularly.

To watch the Department for Education, Children and Young People’s video about school attendance, visit the Department for Education, Children and Young People’s website.

For more information on how Tasmanian Government schools are safely managing COVID-19, refer to the Term 2 COVID-safe schools operational plan.