2021-22 Department for Education, Children and Young People data released

In its seventh year, the Department for Education, Children and Young People, has released its key data report in line with the Tasmanian Government’s Open Data Policy as part of our commitment to transparency and openness.

Quality data is critical to improving educational outcomes for Tasmanian students, ensuring that funding is distributed according to student need and programs and policies are developed and implemented appropriately to support the learning requirements of all our students.

The Report includes a broad range of data from various divisions across DoE. This includes:

  • School data, such as student enrolments, attendance and funding allocations
  • Average class sizes and suspension rates;
  • Staff and student wellbeing rates, funding amounts and assistance schemes
  • Education workforce and Libraries Tasmania Data.

The Report is available from: Plans, Reports and Statistics – The Department for Education, Children and Young People Tasmania and will also soon be made available in digital formats from the Commonwealth’s data portal at