Children, Youth and Families Strategic Direction: 2021-2024

The new Department for Education, Children and Young People was established on 1 October 2022. It includes the Department of Education and some areas from the Department of Communities Tasmania.

Work between the two Departments has been underway for many months to ensure the transition to the new Department is as smooth as possible. We will now be deepening our understanding of our new areas and functions and collectively working on new Values for the Department.

Through the direction and guidance of the Children, Youth and Families (CYF) Executive Team, CYF previously engaged its workforce and key stakeholders to develop a three-year Strategic Direction.

The Striving for Practice Excellence: Our Strategic Direction 2021-2024 is focused on being clear and transparent on Children Youth and Families:

  • Vision,
  • Values,
  • Key priorities and the actions to be progressed over the next three years, and
  • The measures and indicators to assess Children Youth and Families performance against the Strategic Direction.

A simple but important concept for the Strategic Direction was to develop a simple ‘Plan on a Page’.

The five strategic priorities underpinning the Strategic Direction are:

  1. Working with families to keep children and young people safe and well,
  2. Working with others to achieve improved outcomes for children and young people,
  3. Keeping children and young people safely connected to their family, community and culture,
  4. Further developing, supporting and strengthening our people, and
  5. Building a strong and accountable system.

Read the full details of the Striving for Practice Excellence: Our Strategic Direction 2021-2024.

Image of the CYF Strategic Directions Document - an accessible pdf is available.