0 TCE credit points

Level: Stage 1

Hours: 50

Type: TASC

Course overview

You have
TASC course
May lead to
  • No previous experience
Preliminary English Stage 1
  • Access achievable pathways to further education and training, a range of employment outcomes, or inclusion in appropriate community option settings.

  • Skills in listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing.
  • The ability to create texts for differing purposes, audiences and contexts. 
  • Understanding of different uses of language.
  • The ability to express myself through language using oral, gestural, written, visual and digital mediums and modes of communication with as much independence as possible. 
  • Engagement with and responses to a range of highly familiar texts and events. 
  • Engagement with familiar people and routine activities. 

  • (With or without coactive support)

  • Requires flexible and individualised programs
  • Would like explicit teaching of social, emotional and communication skills