DEVELOPMENT – Child and Student Wellbeing

Children and young people who feel safe, connected and secure are more likely to engage in their learning. A strong sense of wellbeing enables learners to explore, experiment and engage actively in their learning environment with the confidence to take advantage of new opportunities.

Wellbeing means that children and students feel loved and safe, they are healthy, they have access to material basics, they are learning and participating, and they have a positive sense of culture and identity. This holistic approach acknowledges the many factors that contribute to the wellbeing of our children and students.

In 2018 the Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy was launched. The Strategy supports our wellbeing goal under the Department’s Strategic Plan. It adopts the six ARACY wellbeing domains including:

  • Loved and Safe
  • Material Basics
  • Healthy
  • Learning
  • Participating
  • Positive sense of culture and identity