5 – 8 Years of age

Learning at home resources and ideas for children aged 5-8 years

Children aged 5 – 8 years are curious and seek to understand their world by questioning and exploring. They are active learners who need regular opportunities to move and exercise, this helps them to concentrate.

At this age children are learning to read, write, talk and listen. They explore mathematical ideas to solve everyday problems. Their learning is supported by providing opportunities for play and hands on activities.


Resources and ideas for learning at home

We will add to this information over time to ensure there is a range of options.

Literacy – English, link on the same page
Numeracy, link on the same page
Physical, link on the same page
Creative, link on the same page
Inquiry, link on the same page

Literacy – English

Numeracy – Maths




The resources and activities on this page have been informed by the Australian Curriculum Foundation (Prep) to Year 10 and Belonging, Being and Becoming The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (Kindergarten)