9 – 12 Years of age

Learning at home resources and ideas for children aged 9-12 years

Learners in this age group are curious. They ask many questions and want thoughtful answers. They are starting to develop strong interests and hobbies and may like to collect things.

They enjoy problem solving and have points of view about many things they hear, read and see. They enjoy humour and telling jokes, and can be daring and competitive.

They are more independent, ready to take on greater responsibility for their learning.

Resources and ideas for learning at home

We will add to this information over time to ensure there is a range of options.

Literacy – English, link on the same page
Numeracy, link on the same page
Physical, link on the same page
Creative, link on the same page
Inquiry, link on the same page

Literacy – English

Numeracy – Maths




The resources and activities on this page have been informed by the Australian Curriculum Foundation (Prep) to Year 10.