A Safeguarding Lead has been appointed in every Tasmanian Government school to help ensure all children and young people in Tasmania are known, safe, well and learning.

The appointment of Safeguarding Leads is a direct response to a recommendation by Professors Stephen Smallbone and Timothy McCormack in the Independent Inquiry into the Tasmanian Department of Education’s Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (Inquiry).

The Government recognises that schools must be supported to take on increased safeguarding accountabilities and, in this year’s State Budget, committed $26.1 million over four years from 2022-23 to support this recognition.

This is part of a total $36.4 million commitment over four years, with $12 million ongoing, to support the overall work of the Office of Safeguarding Children and Young People, which was established following the release of the Inquiry’s recommendations.

Safeguarding Leads will help plan and implement school strategies to support the wellbeing of all students and foster a culture where it is understood that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

DECYP is implementing the Safeguarding Leads project as part of a broader undertaking to develop systems, practices, processes, and professional learning to make our schools safer, to better equip teachers and principals, and to provide more support to children and young people.