Key information

  • Drugs, alcohol, smoking and vaping are not allowed in schools or at school events where students are present.
  • Tasmanian government schools teach your child about the harm caused by drugs, alcohol, smoking and vaping.
  • Making sure children are safe is the shared responsibility of community, parents, schools and students.

Illicit drugs

  • Drug use, possession or distribution is not tolerated in Tasmanian government schools.
  • Tasmania Police will be called if there is a drug-related incident.
  • Students are taught about the dangers of illicit drugs.
  • There is support for students affected by any drug-related incidents.


  • No student is allowed to have, or to drink alcohol at school or on any school camp or excursion – including at socials or end-of-year dinners.
  • Students, regardless of age, are not allowed on school premises under the influence of alcohol.
  • Even if a student is 18 years old, they may not have, or drink alcohol at school.

Smoking (tobacco and electronic cigarettes/vapes)

  • e-cigarettes (vapes) are treated the same as tobacco cigarettes under Tasmanian law.
  • It is illegal for a person under 18 years of age to smoke/vape.
  • Students who are 18 years or over are not permitted to smoke/vape while on school or senior secondary school grounds.
  • In Tasmania, smoking is illegal within 10 metres of schools playgrounds, on playing fields and sports grounds and all Tasmanian government buildings and vehicles.
  • It is also illegal for anyone (even adults) to use, buy or sell nicotine containing e-cigarettes in Australia without a prescription.

Staff, parents, carers, volunteers and fundraising activities

  • Staff, parents, carers and volunteers must not use illicit drugs, smoke/vape or drink alcohol while on school grounds or on any school excursion, camp or school related activity.
  • Consumption of alcohol may be permitted by the principal on social and fundraising occasions involving staff and parents provided that very strict guidelines are met such as:
    • the function is not during normal school hours
    • during the planning phase the views of parents around the provision of alcohol are sought
    • all proper licences and certificates are obtained
    • the provision of alcohol has been approved as required by the department.

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