We have a Model for Supporting Students Impacted by Trauma (PDF, 100KB). This model is meeting the needs of students at three levels:  

  • Individual
  • Targeted whole-of-school
  • Universal

Individual student support 

Each year, Tasmanian government schools can apply for funding to support individual students impacted by trauma. Schools decide how this funding can best support these students. This can include:

  • one-on-one support for an individual student
  • group programs focussing on social and emotional learning 
  • access to services or programs that support student engagement

Targeted support for schools

Some schools receive funding to embed trauma-informed practice across the whole school. This can include:

  • professional development for teachers and non-teaching staff
  • reviewing school policies and procedures 
  • developing individual and group learning programs
  • creating calm, safe spaces within the school to support regulation 

Universal support 

The department has partnered with the Australian Childhood Foundation and the University of Tasmania to deliver a Trauma Informed Practice in Schools Professional Learning Program. This is available for all principals, school leaders, teachers, teacher assistants and school staff.