School canteens

  • Healthy eating is encouraged in all Tasmanian government schools.
  • School canteens have a central role in the education and health of the students and schools they serve.
  • Schools work hard to help ensure children learn about being healthy and active – and that the food served in canteens is healthy!
  • Many schools are participating in the SmartFood Program which offers a model of best practice for canteens. It provides guidelines and procedures for high quality and safe food service for school students and staff.
  • For information on your school’s canteen operating hours, ordering arrangements and menu, contact your child’s school.

Move Well Eat Well!

  • Over 100 Tasmanian government schools are now participating in the Move Well Eat Well Program.
  • The program works to create a whole school environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity. It provides primary schools with a simple framework and resources to encourage healthy eating and physical activity.
  • The program provides healthy lifestyle messages parents can give their children at home.

What you can do to help

  • Send your child to school with water in their drink bottle.
  • Limit high fat, salty and sugary foods to special occasions.
  • Pack a variety of foods from the five food groups (breads and cereals; vegetables; fruit; milk, yogurt and cheese; and meat and alternatives) in your child’s lunchbox.
  • To find healthy lunchbox ideas visit the Move Well Eat Well website.

Start the day right

  • Breakfast is important because it provides the body with fuel after an overnight fast. A healthy breakfast provides your body with the nutrients and energy needed to get through the day.
  • Providing children with a nutritious breakfast is important for a range of reasons. These include health, success at school and overall wellbeing.

Where can I get more information?