All government high schools throughout Tasmania have been extended to Year 12 so that students can remain in their local area for the duration of their schooling.

However, some students in rural or regional areas move to attend their nearest college (in Launceston, Hobart or Burnie) for Year 11 and 12. This is a personal decision, sometimes due to the courses a student is seeking.

  • To be eligible, you must live at least 56km away from your nearest college.
  • Places are not guaranteed and depend on availability.
  • Residences do not operate during school holidays. You are expected to return home during breaks.
  • You are also expected to return home during weekends, apart from students who normally live on the Bass Straight islands.
  • The residences can only consider applications for Year 11 or 12 students.

For more information, contact the residences:

North-west region

Hellyer College student residence

Northern region

Newstead residence

Southern region

Hobart residence

Other students requiring accommodation

Housing Connect can assist you with support to find accommodation. This may be due to:

  • Lack of available places in DECYP-run student residences, for a student from rural/regional area moving to attend college
  • Student not meeting the criteria for DECYP-run student residences but requires accommodation e.g. due to being at risk of homeless.

Housing Connect can be contacted on 1800 800 588 or via their website.