Key information

  • We are committed to providing support to young people as they approach adulthood and age out of the care system.
  • Call the After Care Support Team on 1300 654 583 to talk about how we can support you. 

We recognise the importance of providing support programs to assist young people to further their education or career opportunities, have stable housing and live confidently as they enter adulthood. 

Every young person in care should be engaged in and have a voice to create their leaving care plan. A leaving care plan should consider: 

  • Where the young person will live
  • Do they have access to their basic needs, like income? 
  • Do they have access to support around health and wellbeing? 
  • Can they access further learning or training? 
  • Do they have the opportunity to participate in their community? 
  • Is there opportunity to connect with their culture and identity.