Key information

  • Tasmanian children and young people have rights.
  • Children and young people are entitled to be loved, safe, healthy, learning, have the things they need, and to be connected to their culture and identity.
  • You can always tell someone what is important to you.

What are my rights?

A right is something you are automatically entitled to.

As a child or young person in care in Tasmania, your rights are to:

  • be safe and feel safe
  • receive healthcare when you need it
  • be consulted and listened to seriously about decisions that affect you
  • have regular meetings with your Child Safety Officer or Safety and Wellbeing Worker
  • be treated fairly and with respect for who you are
  • identify with your culture and community and observe your chosen religion
  • have safe contact with your family and people who matter to you
  • have an education and gain life skills
  • have your privacy respected.

For examples on what each right looks like, check out the Charter of rights for Tasmanian children and young people (PDF, 1026KB).

There is also an international agreement for child rights | unicef Australia by the United Nations. This applies to all children and young people in Tasmania.

Why are my rights important?

All children and young people should:

  • be loved, safe and valued
  • have the things they need (material basics)
  • be healthy
  • be learning
  • be participating
  • have a positive sense of culture and identity.