Education is an important foundation for Tasmania’s future prosperity and for sustainable community and social outcomes. Teachers are one of the biggest influencers of student success; therefore quality teaching practices are critical to improving student learning and education outcomes in Tasmania.

We know we need to work collaboratively to attract people with the right capabilities to Tasmania’s education system, to prepare students to become teachers, and provide our current teachers with opportunities to enhance their careers and adopt skills to respond to challenges and needs of a rapidly changing society.

Members of the Education Workforce Roundtable:

  • Australian Education Union
  • Peter Underwood Centre
  • Tasmanian Government
  • Tasmanian Principals Association
  • Teachers Registration Board Tasmania
  • University of Tasmania

What is the Roundtable?

The Education Workforce Roundtable is a group of expert education leaders brought together in April 2018 by the Education Minister to advise and work closely with the Department to build a future ready education workforce. The Roundtable will therefore focus on raising the quality of teaching practices and workforce strategies to develop a skilled and future ready education workforce.

The Tasmanian Government is supporting the achievement of the Roundtable’s ten point More Teachers, Quality Teaching Action Plan (PDF, 254KB)The Action Plan aims to build an education workforce of talented people to deliver outstanding teaching and learning outcomes.

The Roundtable’s endeavours are a bold, new, and innovative approach in collaboration across the education sector, demonstrating passion for improving education quality and learning outcomes for all Tasmanians.

How often does the Roundtable meet?

The Roundtable meets up to five times per year.

Who are the members of the Roundtable?

Members and the organisations they represent are:

Roger Jaensch MP Minister for Education, Children and Youth, Tasmanian Government

Tim Bullard  Secretary, Department for Education, Children and Young People

Rufus Black  Vice Chancellor, University of Tasmania

Victoria Carrington Dean and Head of School – Education, University of Tasmania

Natalie Brown  Director, Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment

Mandy Reynolds-Smith Executive Officer, Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania

Mat Grining President, Tasmanian Principals Association

David Genford  President, Australian Education Union

What has the Roundtable delivered so far?


For all enquiries about the Minister’s Education Workforce Roundtable please email