Please note that these answers are general and can be tailored according to the specific details shared by your child’s school.

What is the purpose of the Student Wellbeing and Engagement Survey?

We want to understand the wellbeing of students – if they feel safe, connected, and engaged in learning.

When will the survey take place in my child’s school?

The survey will be conducted in all eligible schools from 26 August 2024 to 20 September 2024. Your child’s school will communicate further details closer to the survey period.

How will my child’s privacy and confidentiality be protected during the survey?

It is important to note that student responses are kept confidential. The survey is designed to ensure the anonymity of individual students. Responses are aggregated for analysis and reporting purposes.

What kind of questions will be asked in the survey?

The survey includes questions related to various aspects of student wellbeing. For example, it asks about:

  • relationships with teachers and peers
  • feelings of safety and resilience, and
  • engagement in learning.

You can get the specific questions from your school.

Can I choose to withdraw my child from participating in the survey?

Yes, you have the option to withdraw your child from participating in the survey. The school will provide instructions on how to do so.

However, your child’s response can help us understand how to better support their wellbeing. This will also help enhance school strategies.

How will the information collected from the survey be used?

The survey data will give us valuable insights into the wellbeing of students in your child’s school and the education system as a whole. We will use it in the development of strategies and initiatives that support student wellbeing, at both the school and system levels.

What support will be provided to students after completing the survey?

Schools will have processes in place to address any concerns or issues that may arise from the survey results. You can reach out to the school for more specific information on the support available.

How can I access the survey reports and resources related to student wellbeing?

You can access specific reports and infographics from previous surveys, including the 2023 survey, from our annual data section on student wellbeing and school satisfaction.

How does department’s Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy benefit my child?

The Child and Student Wellbeing Strategy allows us to get reliable data that guides wellbeing actions. It is a universal approach, which ensures that every student’s voice is heard. The strategy’s implementation will support your child’s wellbeing throughout their education.

What if I have general inquiries or need more information?

For general information or any specific inquiries, you can reach out to the Child and Youth Wellbeing Unit at They will be able to assist you further and provide information and resources.