ECEC Roundtable – 14 December 2023

The first ECEC Roundtable for Early Learning for Three Year Olds initiative (EL3) was held on 14 December 2023. EL3 Roundtables will be held quarterly through 2024. Following each roundtable, presentation notes and summaries will be provided here:

Progress in 2023 and Plans for 2024

Development and implementation of the EL3 initiative is guided by the phases of a co-design process:

  • Phase 1 – Start up and engage, define and discover
  • Phase 2 – Gather, explore and connect
  • Phase 3 – Understand, imagine and create
  • Phase 4 – Test, evaluate, refine and review

During 2023, EL3 completed Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the co-design process and commenced Phase 4.

A Co-Design Planning Group, with ECEC, Independent, and Catholic sector representatives provided advice and guidance throughout Phases 1-3.

In September 2023, the Co-Design Planning Group was re-convened as the EL3 Advisory Group to provide advice and guidance for Phase 4 of the project.

In September and October 2023, Local Enabling Groups (LEGs) were established in each of the trial site communities where ECEC services, families and community representatives have worked together on the design of potential service models to test in communities from 2024.

In December 2023, the first Roundtable was held with ECEC providers and these will continue during 2024 to support development and implementation of the project.

With broad community engagement including over 60 community workshops and Local Enabling Group (LEG) meetings held in 2023, we are actively working towards establishing the EL3 trial sites throughout 2024.

In addition, DECYP are conducting a Research and Development Project in 2024. This project will focus on exploring the barriers and supports required to build the ECEC sector’s capacity to provide access to early learning for three year olds across Tasmania now and into the future. It will primarily focus on sector engagement in Hobart and Launceston, whilst also considering broader barriers and opportunities for all ECEC services across Tasmania.

Trial Site Communities

Guided by the EL3 Advisory Group the trial sites are being co-designed by each community to tailor the services to each individual community’s needs. DECYP will continue this work based on recommendations from community LEGs and in partnership with ECEC services, the Independent and Catholic education sector, and other key early years services.

Communities that are working together to establish EL3 Trial Sites are:

  • St Helens, St Marys, Beaumaris, Scamander, Fingal, with possible outreach to Coles Bay and/or Glamorgan-Spring Bay (Break O’Day LGA, Glamorgan-Spring Bay LGA)
  • East Devonport (Devonport City LGA)
  • Flinders Island and Cape Barren Island (Flinders LGA)
  • Bruny Island (Kingborough LGA)
  • Queenstown, Strahan, Zeehan and Rosebery (West Coast LGA)

Guided by the Advisory Group and from ongoing input from the LEGs the Trial sites will  commence to test the EL3 service models following the completion of the following process and project milestones.

A summary of key implementation steps and current activities is below:

Implementation stepsCurrent Activity
Project Team Recruitment including Community Incusion Workers in each Trial Site community and a Senior Project Officer to manage the trials.Recruitment underway
LEG meetings every 6-8 weeks LEG meetings to be scheduled from February 2024
Roundtable MeetingsMeeting dates to be provided in February 2024 
Infrastructure upgrades where requiredScoping of requirements at each Trial site underway
Requests for Tender processProcess under development
Service approval undertaken by Education and Care Unit (ECU)Ongoing advice on Trial Sites being obtained from ECU
Service initialisation, establishment and regulatory complianceFrom mid-2024, more detailed timeline to be confirmed
Advertise service to familiesNot yet underway
Service openMore detailed timeline to be confirmed
Tender for EvaluationDesign of Tender for Evaluation underway

Ongoing engagement and communication will occur in 2024:

  • ECEC services
    • 4 Roundtables with the ECEC sector to be held across the state face to face – dates to be confirmed with Early Childhood Australia – Tasmanian Branch
    • Regular Communiques to the ECEC sector to be cirulated by  the Education and Care Unit
    • Regular updates to this web page
    • EL3 Advisory Group  Meetings every 6 weeks
  • Community, parents, and early learning  services and supports
    • LEG meetings  every 6-8 weeks
    • Regular Communiques
    • Community Inclusion Worker in  in each trial site community to be providing updates locally

EL3 complements the Working Together initiative which supports children and families who may need additional assistance

Further Information

For questions about the initiative please contact  :

Being a LEG member info sheet (PDF, 152kB)

For regular updates on this initiative, please see the below Communiques: