Infrastructure Projects

Project overviews, timelines, and how you can get involved in shaping our educational facilities for learners.

We are currently delivering a range of education infrastructure projects across Tasmania. These include two new schools, six new Child and Family Learning Centres and 10 major school redevelopments.

We engage with students, staff, and communities right across Tasmania for all major capital projects to ensure our facilities are shaped by those who will use them. As part our commitment to transparency, the feedback we receive through this engagement is compiled and shared via this website and other channels.

View our Capital Works Community Engagement Strategy to find out how.

We’re also committed to design excellence in the delivery of new and refurbished infrastructure to ensure it supports contemporary teaching and learning and provides the facilities our learners need to help them thrive. The Built Environment Guide reflects current thinking on best practice learning spaces and has been developed to support and advise our educators, consultants, project working groups and other stakeholders involved in our projects.

Featured Projects

$7.1 million redevelopment of Montello Primary School

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