When to enrol your child

School starting, attending, and finishing ages

Starting school
Children are encouraged to attend Kindergarten from 4 years of age.

Attending school
Children 5 to 17 years of age must be enrolled and attend school or an approved home education program.

Finishing school
Young people need to stay in education or training until:

  • they finish Year 12
  • receive a Certificate III or
  • reach the minimum leaving age of 18

whichever comes first.

Enrolment due dates

KindergartenBy the start of Term 2 (week 7).
For 2025, enrol by 10 June 2024.
Prep – Year 12By the start of Term 3 (week 5).
For 2025, enrol by 19 August 2024.

For other key dates and enrolment information, contact your local school.

How to enrol your child

To enrol your child, find your local school and use the school directory to get in touch.

Your local school will send you an enrolment form to complete.  You will need to provide:

  • Medical information about your child, such as any allergies and their immunisation history, as well as any other needs they may have. 
  • Evidence of identity for you and your child, for example your birth certificates.
  • A document showing your child’s residential address.

Schools use this information to support and protect students, and to provide positive, safe and fair learning environments for all children.

Answers to enrolment questions

Can I choose which school to send my child to?

We encourage you to enrol your child at their local school – find your local school.

If you want to enrol your child in a school that is not your local school, the Out-of-Area Enrolment Procedure (PDF, 516KB) will apply.

See the At-capacity schools webpage and contact the relevant school for more information.

What if I don’t think my child is ready for school?

A child who is at least 5 years of age on 1 January in any year must be enrolled at a school.

A child can enter Kindergarten or Prep up to six months earlier than usual if they meet ‘gifted’ requirements. You can find out more in the Early entry to school Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 379 KB)

What if my child changes schools or enrols in high school?

  • Inform the current school of your intention to change schools.
  • Contact the new school to enrol your child.
  • You will be asked to complete an enrolment form. If your child has previously attended a Tasmanian government school, you will be asked to complete a shorter enrolment validation form.

How do I enrol my child if moving from interstate?

  • If applicable, inform the current school of your intention to move state and change schools.
  • Contact the new school to enrol your child. We encourage you to enrol your child at their local school.
  • Your child’s new school will be able to access previous student records through the Interstate Student Data Transfer Note and Protocol.

Your child will be placed in a year appropriate to their age.

Some states have different school starting ages. This means a child may be asked to attend a different Year than before. Parents may request that the child be placed in the same Year as before. Contact the new school for further information.

How do I enrol a child who is not an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident?

The following links provide information on how to enrol a child who is not an Australian or New Zealand citizen:

Flexible school enrolment options

The Education Act 2016 allows flexible school enrolment options for some student groups.

Students with disability

Students with disability may enrol at more than one school, for example a specialised support school and another school. A dual enrolment can help to provide a flexible education program to meet a student’s individual needs. Contact the professional support staff at your school for more information.

Students wishing to enrol in Year 13

Students may need an additional year of education before moving on to further education or the workplace. Contact your local school offering Year 11 and 12 for more information.

Home educated students

Home educated students may enrol at one school for up to two days a week to support their home education program.

Contact the Office of the Education Registrar on 6165 6135 or email registrar@oer.tas.gov.au for more information.