If your child is enrolling in primary school, their local school is determined by where they live. 

Each primary school (K-6) and district school (K-12) has an intake area, also known as the catchment area. 

If your child lives in the intake area for that school, it is their local school and they are guaranteed a place at that school.

Instructions for the intake area map

  • Open the link and wait for the map to load – this takes around 10-15 seconds.
  • Enter your home address in the search box and press enter, or choose from the list that appears.
  • Your local school name and area will be displayed.

Benefits of attending your local government school

We asked families about the benefits of attending your local Tasmanian government school.  They said that they valued:

  • increased sense of connection to the local community.
  • shorter travel times to and from school.
  • living close to school, meaning students can walk or ride to school.
  • ease for students to catch up with their friends outside school.
  • the feeling of being close to home while they’re at school.

Can I choose which school I send my child to?

  • We encourage families to enrol at their local ‘in-area’ school.
  • You may seek to enrol your child in a government school that is not your local school, if that school has capacity to accept ‘out-of-area’ enrolments.
  • Check our list of schools that are at-capacity or nearing capacity.
  • Schools use the Out-of-Area Enrolment Procedure (PDF, 516KB) to apply a consistent, equitable and transparent approach to assess out-of-area enrolment requests.
  • If you would like to enrol your child as an out-of-area enrolment, and the school has capacity, they will provide you with an Expression of Interest form.
  • Schools use the completed form and the evidence that you are required to provide, to prioritise enrolments according to standard criteria contained in the Out-of-Area Enrolment Procedure (PDF, 516KB).

If the number of out-of-area enrolment applications exceeds the number that the school can accommodate, they will prioritise applications based on set criteria outlined in the Out-of-Area Enrolment Procedure.