Parents and carers are being encouraged to understand the facts about vaping.

Vaping is similar to smoking cigarettes, but without the use of tobacco. Instead, the electronic cigarettes (vapes) heat a liquid until it turns into an aerosol. This aerosol is then inhaled.

The aerosol is not water vapour but is made up of different chemicals. Many of these chemicals are harmful to the lungs, brain development and general health. Often, vapes also contain nicotine, which makes them very addictive.

The Department for Education, Children and Young People is working with the Department of Health to address children and young people vaping. All government schools are designated smoke and vape free areas. New “no smoking no vaping’ signage will be placed around schools. Schools are also being supported with resources to talk to students about vaping and to assist families to access support to help students to quit. For information on what vaping is, the impacts and how to support your child, visit our vaping webpage.