Last week, as part of Woolworths “Mini Woolies” program, the Northern and Southern Support Schools launched their respective fresh food supermarkets.

The program involves replicating a Woolworths supermarket on a smaller scale for valuable learning experiences for students with disability.

Each mini store is stocked with a range of groceries, fitted with baskets, shelving, ticketing, signage and Woolworths branded uniforms the students can wear to create a fully immersive experience. At check out, grocery items are scanned using fully operational Fujitsu registers and include the experience of money handling, store receipts and the bagging of items.

The new program will now be incorporated into everyday learning activities for the students.

Southern Support School Principal, Mr Simon Ellaby said “We plan to integrate the store into our amazing Kitchen Garden Program, allowing our students to practice shopping skills at school before using those skills in the wider community”.