A national advertising campaign Be That Teacher launched this week, highlighting the meaningful role of teachers. It’s a joint initiative between Australian, state and territory governments.

Real teachers, real stories

The campaign features inspirational stories from teachers across Australia.

It’s those stories of the teacher who helped us to learn and grow. Who gave us the confidence to explore and master new talents and skills.

It’s the teacher who encouraged us to strive for more, and helped us reach our potential.

National advertising will run until 20 April 2024. It will be shown on main advertising channels across Australia.

Share your memorable moments

The campaign website also includes an online teacher gallery.

This shines the spotlight on teachers across Australia. Their stories are about:

  • why they chose to teach; and
  • the lasting impact they’ve had on their students.

If you’re a teacher, please share your memorable teaching moment.

You could be a teacher at any stage of your career, including retired teachers, and from any sector.

To share your story, please complete the online form at the Be That Teacher website.

Together, let’s showcase our Tasmanian teachers to the rest of the nation!

Thinking about a career in teaching?

Teaching is a valued and rewarding career. Teachers are highly skilled, well-educated professionals.

You could be a school leaver, graduate or career switcher. If you’re thinking about a career in teaching, find out more information on our Teaching careers page.