Tasmanian students have reported an increase in optimism, with positive shifts in happiness, satisfaction with life and emotional regulation in the latest Student Wellbeing and Engagement Survey

Released last week, the survey results provide important insight into how students feel about their wellbeing, the world around them and their engagement in learning.

This provides schools with a key dataset to support student wellbeing and address potential barriers that may be impacting their level of engagement.

There was an increase of 223 students participating in this year’s survey, with a total of 28,750 Tasmanian Government school students in years 4 to 12 sharing their thoughts.

In 2023, an additional 572 students reported generally experiencing an overall sense of happiness, cheer and contentment with life, while 501 more students reported generally maintaining a mindset of positive expectations about the future, compared to 2022.

Some of the key results this year include:

  • 94 per cent of students reported they had good relationships and support from their teachers;
  • 79 per cent of students reported being optimistic;
  • 72 per cent reported an absence of worries;
  • 89 per cent felt connected to adults at school; and
  • 81 per cent felt they had good quality social support from peers.

The Department for Education, Children and Young People is committed to actively listening to the voices of children and young people in Tasmania so we can best support them to have bright lives and positive futures.

More information

For more information about the survey, visit https://www.decyp.tas.gov.au/about-us/policies-legislation-data/data-and-statistics/student-wellbeing-and-engagement-survey-data/