We know that education has a positive impact on the lives of children and young people, and that every day at school can help them have bright lives and positive futures.

The Department for Education, Children and Young People (DECYP) is doing statewide consultation on school attendance. 3P Advisory is independently running the consultation. Your answers are confidential, and you won’t be identified.

This will help us better understand any barriers that may be in the way, and what supports are needed to help with getting to school. You can also share your thoughts about what you like or don’t like about our Every school day matters campaign.

We want to hear from students, their families, our staff and anyone in the community. You. Take part in an online survey, share or vote for suggestions, or join an online drop-in session via the 3P website. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Some schools across the state will be doing extra consultation (for example, in depth interviews). You may be contacted by your school to get involved.

Every piece of feedback counts. Thanks for helping shape future DECYP initiatives, school-based engagement strategies and public awareness campaigns.

Two primary school students outdoors at school.