Internships are on offer annually, with the Department for Education, Children and Young People (DECYP). The Teacher Intern Placement Program (TIPP) provides University of Tasmania (UTAS) teacher education students with the opportunity to undertake their final year of study while based full-time in a Tasmanian public education school.

What will I receive as an intern?

  • Earn a minimum of $30,000 with the potential for paid employment in Terms 3 and 4 on a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT)
  • A guaranteed permanent teaching position with the DECYP on the successful completion of the TIPP
  • A Mentor Teacher, who is given dedicated time release to support the development of your teaching practice.
  • Up to 21 hours per week of dedicated study time
  • Accommodation and/or travel expense support, if applicable
Quote "Of all my university education, it was probably the best decision I made." Lyndon Riggall, Former Teacher intern.

What do TIPP interns have to say about the program?

‘The confidence that you gain from TIPP is invaluable.’

‘No other program provides you with a year of teaching experience in such a supportive format.’

‘You really understand how the school works on the bigger picture by the end of the year.’

‘You get the amazing benefit of being able to immediately put into practice what you learn during your degree.’