School Associations in Tasmania

School community members interested in joining their School Association or finding out about its functions

Key information

All Tasmanian Government Schools have a School Association. The purpose of a School Association is to provide members with a way to participate and be involved in supporting the school.

Parents and staff of a school are automatically members of their School Association. Some School Associations also have community members.

Each School Association has a committee. School Association members choose the people to sit on the Committee through elections. The Committee represents the School Association and carries out administrative and decision-making activities. Committee members work with the school to:

  • develop school policies and improvement plans
  • shape school objectives, priorities, strategic directions and values
  • plan the financial arrangements to support these activities
  • check the school’s performance on these activities
  • select the Principal, where a permanent vacancy exists
  • foster the value and benefits of education
  • encourage co-operation among teachers, students, parents and the school community.


There are fact sheets, templates and resources available to support the functions of School Association Committees:

Need more information?

  • contact the Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations (TASSO) at, or on (03) 6243 7718
  • email your enquiry to, or
  • phone the Department for Education, Children and Young People on 1800 816 057 (free call).