Adopting a local child

The number of children placed for adoption by their birth parents in Tasmania is now very small with only a few children placed for adoption each year.  Prospective adoptive parents who are approved to adopt a local child should be aware that there can be no guarantee that a child will be placed in their care.

In the case of the small number of locally born children who are placed for adoption, the birth parents of these children have the right to express their wishes regarding arrangements for:

  • who their child is placed with
  • ongoing contact with their child, and
  • information exchanges with their child, and the child’s adoptive parents.

To assist birth parents to select a family for their child, prospective adoptive parents are required to prepare a non-identifying profile.  Prospective adoptive parents will be asked to prepare a non-identifying profile once they have been approved to adopt a locally born child.

If you are interested in attending an information session about adoption please contact us.