Reunification and Pathway Home

Family preservation is given a high priority in the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act, 1997 which aims to secure the safety of the child first, and then work with the family where possible to increase the family’s capacity to function in the best interests of the child and other children in the family.

Reunifying a child with his or her family is a partnership between Child Safety Service, the parents/carers and any family support service (or other) organisation which is assisting.

Reunification may include the Pathway Home Service, funded by Disability and Community Services (DCS), to work with Child Safety Service to facilitate the process. Organisations providing the Pathway Home Service across Tasmania are:

  • Centacare in the South
  • Anglicare in the North West and
  • Anglicare and Uniting Care in the North

The following documents guide Reunification work for Child Safety Service;

The documents below outline the Pathway Home Service and forms used;