How to Make a Formal Complaint

Step Three in More Detail

This is the information from Child Safety’s Complaint Procedure about making a formal complaint by email to or in writing to GPO Box 169, HOBART, TAS, 7001

The Child Safety Service complaint information sheet can be found here.

Writing a formal complaint

These suggestions might help you include all the details so Child Safety can look into your complaint:

  1. What has happened?
  2. Who was involved?
  3. When did it happen?
  4. Was anyone else there?
  5. Include documents or photos to give more details (but make sure you explain what they are about)
  6. What effect has the concern had on you, or your family, or anyone else?
  7. What would you like to be done to resolve your concerns?
  8. Include your contact details

What can you expect when you formally complain?

The Child Safety Service will:

  1. Let you know that the complaint has been received.
  2. Listen to you.
  3. Give you information that can help, if possible.
  4. Keep what you say confidential.
  5. Help you make your complaint.
  6. Make sure it gets to the right person.

What happens next with a formal complaint?

The Child Safety Service will:

  1. Contact you within 1 week of receiving your formal complaint to let you know what will happen next.
  2. Try to solve the formal complaint within 4 weeks, but will let you know if it will take longer than this.
  3. Keep what you say confidential and only talk about it with the people involved in sorting it out.
  4. Write to you to explain the outcome.