Is something not ok?

What to do if something’s not OK

The Child Safety Service suggest 4 steps to follow:

Step One

Need to say something? You can talk, write or draw about your worry with your worker (Child Safety Officer), worker’s boss (Team Leader) or Team Leader’s boss (Child Safety Manager)

Step Two

Still not ok? Or you don’t agree with a decision? Contact the Child Advocate who can speak up for you (or have an adult you trust do this for you)

Step Three

If you prefer, write to the Deputy Secretary (the big boss of Child Safety Services)

This page is the plain-language approach to make a formal complaint.

The Child Safety Service complaint information sheet can be found here.

Step Four

If you are still not happy

The Ombudsman is the big boss of complaints. You can ask for the decision to be reviewed by the Ombudsman. They will review your complaint to make sure you have been treated fairly.

You can contact the Ombudsman by phone 1800 001 170, email or write to GPO Box 960, Hobart TAS, 7001.

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