Tasmanian Out of Home Care (OOHC) Standards

The safety of children and young people is a priority for the Tasmanian Government and we are committed to improving safety and wellbeing for those who are vulnerable and most at risk, while also supporting those who care for them.

The Tasmanian Out of Home Care (OOHC) Standards have been designed to:

  • ensure services are safe, of high quality and focused on achieving the best possible outcome for children and young people in OOHC;
  • support OOHC providers and carers; and
  • drive continuous service improvement.

The Standards are an important step in building a more accountable OOHC system in Tasmania, building on existing processes and supports.

The Standards, including a Self-Assessment Template, recognise the important role of OOHC providers and help them to assess their current service delivery to identify areas of good practice and areas for improvement, and to build capacity and readiness to become familiar with the requirements of a Tasmanian OOHC Accreditation Framework.

OOHC providers will not be formally monitored or audited against the Standards until a Tasmanian OOHC Accreditation Framework is in place.

Download the Tasmanian OOHC Standards (PDF 1.16MB) and Introductory Self-Assessment Tool (PDF 651KB).

If you would like to discuss the Standards, contact us at pir.cyf@communities.tas.gov.au.