• How to express myself through visual art.
  • Visual art skills and techniques.
  • Design principles and how to apply them.
  • How artists in various times, places and cultures made their art.
  • Transferable skills such as time management and perseverance.

Depending on which art studio I choose from my school/provider I might: 

  • Use my art journal to work out ideas I want to express.
  • Work on visual art skills such as brush techniques and use of paint, use of shading to show perspective, or try different ceramic glazes.
  • Do some research on an artist who inspires my art making.
  • Work on my artworks to get them ready to display.
  • View artworks in an exhibition either digitally or live.
  • Seek feedback from my teacher on my work to progress it. 
  • Use my creative and critical thinking skills. 



  • Wants to create artworks and express themselves through visual arts.
  • Wants to learn about artists and the visual arts in various times, places and eras.
  • Wants to learn time management and planning skills.

Course Overview

You have

An interest in: 
  • Making and viewing visual art.
  • Learning visual art skills and techniques.
  • traditional, modern and contemporary art forms.
*Prior visual arts experience is recommended

TASC course

Visual Art 2

May lead to

  • Visual Art 3, Art Theory and Criticism 3, Art Studio Practice 3.
  • Further study and/or employment.