5 TCE credit points

Level: Level 2

Hours: 50

Type: TASC

Course overview

You have
TASC course
May lead to
  • No previous experience.
Community Services Learning 2
  • Further study
  • Careers in a range of service industries.

  • What community service means.
  • About leadership and service as a citizen in the community.
  • About the diversity of our community and particular needs of some groups.
  • About the rights and responsibilities of a citizen.
  • Details of major social and political issues in Australia.

  • Plan, organise and lead a range of activities and projects, developing my skills as a volunteer worker.
  • Conduct activities and projects that build connections with the community.
  • Plan and participate in fundraising activities.
  • Lead community activities.
  • Visit and conduct interviews with groups and individuals in the community.
  • Reflect on my opinions and attitudes, and how they change.

  • Wants to make a practical difference to a community organisation.
  • Has an interest in helping others.
  • Can commit to 30 hours of practical community service learning.
  • Has good organisational skills.
  • Is a self-starter and can manage their time effectively.