• Through practical sessions (2/3 of course time) taking part in at least 15 different sport and recreation activities.
  • About the importance of safe and inclusive sport and recreation opportunities in building and supporting healthy communities.
  • About current trends and the many lifestyle and lifelong health benefits gained through regular socially based physical activities.
  • Ride to a local facility and play tennis
  • Have a small group discussion on the factors influencing participation
  • Review a media advertising campaign focussing on gender equality in sport
  • Help organise, umpire or play in a social badminton or volleyball competition
  • Explore the impact of a growth activity (e.g. Mountain Biking) and its community impact
  • Be in charge of ensuring everyone has fun, is safe and gets a turn
  • Take part in a range of socially based physical activities, roles and experiences.
  • Wants to take part in physical activity with a fun and fitness focus
  • Is keen to gain understanding of physical literacy, fitness development and health and social issues from both personal and broader community perspective
  • Wants to maintain an active healthy lifestyle from high school through to adulthood
  • Is keen to try a general HPE course in year 11 before deciding what to do in year 12
  • Has enjoyed other Sport and Recreation course at year 11 and is keen to do more

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience

TASC course

Community Sport and Recreation 2

May lead to

  • Further education and employment in the fields of fitness, outdoor recreation and education, sports administration, community health and recreation and sport.