• Mathematical modelling, problem solving and the statistical investigation process.
  • Statistical analysis and situations involving growth and decay in sequences.
  • Loans, investment and annuities, and practical problems in the two-dimensional plane.
  • To use CAS and other technology.
  • Develop and use skills in areas of finance, bivariate data analysis, graphs and networks, growth and decay and in trigonometry.
  • Apply computational thinking and use a wide range of technological functions to develop mathematical ideas or analyse situations.
  • Undertake a range of assessment tasks, practical tasks and investigations.
  • Needs to build upon and extend their mathematical skills for university study.
  • Has well developed organisational and problem-solving skills.

Course Overview

You have

  • Good algebra skills
  • A ‘B’ in Year 10 Australian Curriculum Mathematics
  • A 'CA' in General Mathematics Foundation 2

TASC course

General Mathematics 3

May lead to

  • Careers such as nursing, tourism management, banking, teaching and accounting.