• To apply mathematical problem-solving skills
  • How to use numbers, proportional reasoning and, financial mathematics
  • How to see patterns in numbers
  • To use units of measurement, shape, maps and plans
  • About everyday chance events, data collection and representation.
  • Understand my mathematical knowledge
  • Learn how to work better work with everyday maths
  • Work on shared problem-solving tasks
  • Use strategies and solutions
  • Undertake a range of practical tasks and investigations.
  • Needs to develop their basic numeracy and maths skills
  • Needs to apply maths skills in their everyday lives.

Course Overview

You have

  • An interest or a need to develop mathematical skills
  • Essential Mathematics Personal Level 2

TASC course

Mathematics 1

May lead to

  • Essential Mathematics – Personal 2
  • Essential Mathematics – Workplace 2