• Percentages, rates and ratio
  • About data representation and interpretation 
  • Measurement of energy and mass, and time and motion 
  • How to solve problems, explain their reasoning and investigate
  • To explore and model situations
  • Use core mathematical operations
  • Measure energy and mass, time and motion 
  • Solve problems in contexts including health, personal finance and travel 
  • Analyse problems relating to business and travel, utility rates, contract plans, taxi fares or health 
  • Undertake a range of practical tasks and investigations 
  • Needs to build upon the core mathematical skills used in everyday life 

Course Overview

You have

  • 'D' or above in Year 10 Australian Curriculum Mathematics 

TASC course

Essential Mathematics - Personal 2

May lead to

  • VET courses 
  • Essential Mathematics Workplace 2