• How to use science skills and knowledge to understand the world
  • Problem solving and inquiry skills
  • How people use science in their everyday lives
  • Where and why science is important in Tasmania 
  • Look at the landscape that surrounds me and how to use science to describe the features
  • Inquire into what is common to all living things and the processes they need
  • Investigate how the tools we use work according to physics
  • Experiment with how common chemicals react 
  • Plan to investigate an area of interest that practical science can help explain 
  • Is interested in working with people, animals, plants, materials or another hands-on career 
  • Wants to know about science in their local community 

Course Overview

You have

  • No previous experience
  • An interest or need to develop scientific literacy and language 

TASC course

Science 1

May lead to

  • Further study
  • Careers that need science as it relates to Tasmania