VS helps children and students who are blind or have low vision. access learning, play and the curriculum. Children can have extra teaching, learning programs and resources. Vision services employ specialist staff to work alongside children and their families 

Early Years (Birth to 4) 

  • Ensure equitable access, participation and engagement in early learning 
  • Support play, learning and child development 
  • Support parents and families in understanding the diagnosis 
  • Track progress 
  • Support at ophthalmology/optometry appointments if requested 
  • Ensure families are well connected to services to meet their child’s learning needs 
  • Support and promote orientation and mobility, early sensory learning, communication and language skills 
  • Support to access programs in their community including Launch into Learning (LIL), Early Childhood Education and Care (ECECs) and Child and Family Learning Centres (CFLCs) 
  • Introduction to Braille and assistive technology 
  • Support families in the transition to school process 
  • Support staff to build knowledge and capacity 
  • Liaise with NDIS providers 
  • Home visits and connecting families. 

School Age 

  • Ensure equitable access, participation and engagement in education and learning 
  • Support teachers to provide educational adjustments and develop learning plans 
  • Support students in schools, including individual and specialised teaching 
  • Support provision of specialised supports and access to assistive technology for learning 
  • Make recommendations to adapt and modify learning environments 
  • Collaboration between service providers including NDIS 
  • Support at ophthalmology/optometry appointments if requested 
  • Provision of resources and materials including large print, audio, braille 
  • Collaborate with and support family and students to ensure coordinated supports for education 
  • Provide professional learning and capacity building to school staff. 

Refer to the Accessibility Services Referral Form (docx, 138KB). (staff only)


For further information please contact: accessibilityservices@decyp.tas.gov.au