National Quality Standard in Kindergartens

Information about the National Quality Standards (NQS) in Kindergartens and how the Standards guide continued improvement for the early years programs in Tasmanian Government Schools.


Kindergartens are a vital part of our children’s learning and development. The skills and values learnt in the first few years of life, stay with children forever.

It’s important to know our Kindergartens:

  • operate at the highest possible standard, and
  • that we can measure this.

From 2021, Tasmanian Government Kindergartens will roll out the National Quality Standard. This will measure the quality of practice in Kindergartens. It will also guide continual improvement for the early years programs in schools.

What is the National Quality Standard?

The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a quality improvement tool.

It is part of the National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care services.

The NQS includes seven quality areas that are integral to the provision of quality education in our Kindergartens.

The NQS sets a robust and well-researched foundation on which to build the highest quality in our Kindergartens.

For more information please see our Information Sheet (PDF, 2.4MB) on the Tasmanian Government’s approach. 

NQS in Kindergartens – Tasmanian Government Resources for Schools

Resources are available for early years educators and school leaders to:

  • build an understanding of the NQS 
  • highlight how the NQS assists to improve the quality of Kindergartens 
  • explain the use and assessment of the NQS in Tasmanian Government Schools.

Please see below links to access these resources*:

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