Our schools provide the opportunity for every child to receive an education.

  • Every child 5 to 17 years of age must be enrolled at and attending school or an approved home education program. Children can also attend Kindergarten from 4 years of age.
  • Young people need to stay in education or training until they finish Year 12, or receive a Certificate III, or reach the new minimum leaving age of 18.
  • Year 10 students during 2019 are the first group of young people who will need to meet this increased minimum leaving requirement.

The new Education Act allows for more flexible school enrolment options to facilitate students to access schools in certain circumstances:

  • Students with disability: Dual enrolment for students with disability enrolling at more than one school (both a specialised support school and another school) to provide a flexible education program to meet specialised needs. Contact the Professional Support Staff at your enrolled school. Contact the Manager Disability Programs on 6165 5464 or email disabilityprograms@decyp.tas.gov.au.
  • Students wishing to enrol in Year 13: Year 13 enrolment to support students who need an additional year of senior secondary education before moving onto further education or the workplace. Contact an extension high school offering senior secondary years or a college.
  • Home educated students: Part-time enrolment of home educated students up to two days a week at one school to support their existing home education program. Contact the Office of the Education Registrar on 6165 6135 or email registrar@oer.tas.gov.au.

Can I choose which school to send my child to?

  • You are encouraged to enrol your child at their local school. In situations where you wish to enrol your child in a school other than your local school, the school’s out-of-area enrolment procedure will apply. See the Intake Areas fact sheet, and contact the school or your Learning Service for more information.
  • Students from Kindergarten to Year 10 may apply for registration in the Tasmanian eSchool for the following criteria; isolation, medical reasons, medical or travel.  For more information discuss with your enrolled school or contact the Tasmanian eSchool.

How do I enrol my child in school?

  • Contact the office at your local school to enrol your child.
  • If you are enrolling your child in a Tasmanian Government school for the first time you will need to complete an enrolment form and provide:
    • details of any needs your child may have to help their school better support and protect your child, including medical information such as any allergies and your child’s immunisation history
    • evidence of identity for you and your child (eg birth certificates or other prescribed identification)
    • a document showing your child’s residential address.
    • Schools use this information to provide positive, safe and equitable learning environments for all children and support students’ progress through their education.

What about if my child changes schools or enrols in high school?

  • Provide notice to the current school of your intention to change schools.
  • Contact the new school to enrol your child.
  • If your child has previously attended a Tasmanian Government school (including if your child is moving from primary to high school) you will be asked to complete the shorter enrolment validation form.

Where can I get more information?

  • If you need help to enrol your child in school, your local school would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about what help you need.
  • Please contact your local school for more information or with any questions about your child’s enrolment.
  • For information about home education, contact the Office of the Education Registrar on 6165 6135 or email registrar@oer.tas.gov.au.