Reading is about making meaning from print. Each day there are opportunities to read with your child.

Encourage your child to read by sharing:

  • Words on toys and games.
  • Children’s books.
  • Birthday cards and invitations.
  • Using apps on devices.
  • Letters and emails.
  • Street names and road signs.
  • Television ads and children’s programs.

Where to start

  • Read aloud to your baby/child.
  • Make the time together enjoyable and fun.
  • Choose an inviting space to share the book.
  • Visit your local Libraries Tasmania and/or school library or bookstore.
  • Encourage all family members to share in the reading time.
  • Encourage your child to choose their own book helping them to look for books/reading material that might interest them.

For your child to develop skills in reading:

  • Encourage games with letters and words E.g. Eye Spy.
  • Show your child how to open the book, turn the pages and read from left to right.
  • Support your child to learn the alphabet and listen for sounds in words.
  • Find books that encourage your child to enjoy rhyme, rhythm and repetition.
  • Allow your child to enjoy favourite books several times.
  • Encourage your child to retell a familiar book or story.
  • Share non-fiction books for information as well as reading stories.
  • Help your child to find words in books.

For you to support your child to learn to read:

  • Enjoy reading with your child.
  • Be supportive and positive.
  • Share a wide range of books/ reading material with your child.
  • Ask questions so that your child knows that reading is about making meaning.
  • Know that mistakes are good – it means your child is learning.
  • Try and put time aside for reading with your child daily.
  • Find reading material that you know will interest your child.
  • Start a home library by suggesting books as gifts.

Where can I get more information?