Respectful Relationships Education

Our children are the key to stopping the next generation of family violence.

1 in 4 women will experience violence at the hands of a current or former partner.

Survivors at the Centre: Tasmania’s Third Family and Sexual Violence Action Plan 2022-2027 is the Tasmanian Government’s, coordinated, whole-of-government action plan to respond to family and sexual violence.

Domestic and family violence is never acceptable and everyone has a responsibility to act.

Where to start

  • Schools are places where children learn how to interact with others and work together in a respectful way.
  • Schools model respectful relationships and can help students to understand that no one should be abused.
  • Respectful Relationships Education is the explicit teaching of how to develop and maintain respectful relationships.
  • Respectful Relationships Education ensures all Tasmanian communities value a culture of respect.
  • Respectful Relationships Education is a whole community approach to teaching and reinforcing a culture of creating and maintaining respectful relationships with everyone.

For your child

  • We work together to ensure we have safe, respectful and inclusive schools so all students have opportunities to be their best.
  • Students are taught strategies that support a positive sense of identity.
  • We support students to recognise and respond appropriately to their own and other people’s emotions.
  • We develop each child’s awareness of feeling safe and secure.
  • We promote  opportunities for explicit teaching and learning about gender stereotypes and roles, keeping safe and respectful relationships.

For you

  • Respectful Relationships Education will support families and communities to ensure students understand how to interact with others and to develop positive respectful relationships as they grow and become adults themselves.
  • Parents are welcome to familiarise themselves with the Respectful Relationships Education package by either approaching their local school or by visiting the Respectful Relationships Education website.

Where can I get more information?