Volunteers and Visitors

Volunteers and visitors are welcomed into the school environment as valued school members and role models.

This includes parents and carers, and friends of the school.

  • It is also important that schools manage and supervise volunteers and visitors at the school and school activities.
  • Schools need to have a way of identifying volunteers or visitors, which may include visitors having specific areas/times for visiting and sign-in processes.
  • Schools are required to ensure that volunteers have the appropriate approvals to work with children, such as a Registration to Work with Vulnerable People (RWVP).

Do I need a RWVP?

  • All Department for Education, Children and Young People employees, volunteers (including the School Association Committee), contractors and external providers are required to maintain a current Tasmanian RWVP.
  • You will need proof of a current Tasmanian RWVP to be a volunteer at your child’s school or school activities.
  • If you are simply visiting your child’s school (i.e. are invited to attend particular school events or activities at your child’s school) you will not require a RWVP.
  • You do NOT require a RWVP to:
    • Drop off or collect your child, including a short period of settling your child in class where the teacher is present.
    • Attend school events such as assemblies, school sports carnivals, plays and concerts, whole-school events (where you are not a direct participant and/or do not assist in the organisation or operation of the event).
    • Attend school activities for parents or public events such as a parent information evening, parent/teacher meetings, school fairs, opening of new school facilities or programs, or to hear a guest speaker (where you do not assist in the organisation or operation of the activity).

How do I apply for a RWVP?

How do we work together for a safe school?

  • While on school grounds or at a school activity, everyone has the right to be safe and be treated fairly and respectfully.
  • Volunteers and visitors are expected to behave in away that supports a safe school environment, in line with the school’s policy for volunteers and visitors.
  • This means that everyone at our school agrees:
    • We behave in a safe and respectful manner
    • We use constructive and appropriate language
    • We treat school property with respect
    • We work together to support learning
    • We cooperate with staff instructions and school procedures
    • We drive slowly and carefully on school campus
    • We behave in line with our school’s behaviour policy.
  • If unacceptable behaviour is displayed on school grounds or at a school activity the principal (or their delegate) may ask you to leave. Note: a request by a principal that an adult leaves must be respected and complied with under the Education Act 2016.

Where can I get more information?

  • Your child’s school would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about their policy for school volunteers and visitors, and the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People requirements.

Download the Print version of brochure (PDF, 175KB)

Volunteers and Visitors in Tasmanian Government Schools – printable brochure

Download the Print version of brochure (PDF, 175KB)