Alma Lily Stackhouse Scholarship

The Alma Lily Stackhouse Scholarship is awarded annually in celebration of the life of Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder, Mrs Alma Stackhouse and her commitment to the education of young Aboriginal people.

A bursary of $3000 per year is to support a Year 10 Tasmanian Aboriginal student to complete Years 11 and 12.  The applicant must originate from the Furneaux Islands or other remote areas of Tasmania and be pursuing a tertiary pathway to University or other tertiary-level study.

The Department for Education, Children and Young People, Aboriginal Education Services, sponsor the Alma Lily Stackhouse Scholarship as a legacy to Aunty Alma’s lifetime for the Aboriginal Community.

The Alma Lily Stackhouse Scholarship was launched in 2008 and is intended to honour her commitment to the value of higher education for young Aboriginal people by providing an annual scholarship for two years to support an Aboriginal student from a remote or rural area to access and complete senior secondary study.  The goal of the scholarship is to facilitate the attainment of the Tertiary Entry Requirement to enter University or other tertiary-level study.  Therefore funds received should be expended towards costs associated with the attainment of the Tertiary Entry Requirement, including, but not restricted to materials, equipment, travel and other costs of living whilst enrolled.

2020 Alma Stackhouse Scholarship Guidelines
2020 Alma Stackhouse Scholarship Application Form