Young Archies Awards

About the Young Archies

Based on the famous Archibald Prize, the Young Archies Awards is an annual portrait competition open to all students in Department for Education, Children and Young People schools and colleges.

Awards are presented in year categories for the best portrait of a person created by a student during the 12 months before the closing date.

Portraits can be in any 2D media, like a drawing, painting, or collage, and are of someone personally known to the student.

2022 Young Archies Awards

Award recipients were announced in Hobart on Saturday 27 August 2022. Check out the full list of 2022 Young Archies Awards Prize Recipients (PDF, 3.54MB).

Archies Awards art

Overall Primary Prize Winner

Atlas Miller – Woodbridge District School


Archies Awards art

Tony Woodward Overall Secondary Prize Winner

Mack Brown – Taroona High

“Brian Winspear”

Voting for the People’s Choice Award is open until 11.45pm on Saturday 10 September 2022. Vote now!

The winner will be announced on Monday 12 September 2022.

Previous Winners:

Young Archies Exhibition

The Young Archies Exhibition will be on show in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie.

Check the Exhibition Schedule (PDF, 120KB) for details.

Can’t make it in person? Visit the 2022 Young Archies Virtual Exhibition:

Viewing the virtual exhibition:

  • Move around the space by clicking on the floor, or the map in the bottom-left corner.
  • Clicking on the artwork will bring up the title of the portrait, the artist’s name, school and description of their artwork.
  • If you click, hold and drag the mouse you can swivel around to see more. This comes in handy when moving around corners!
  • For further information click the ‘i’ button located in the top-right corner.
  • Artwork has been placed in alphabetical order according to the student’s first name, starting on the left wall of each ‘hallway’ and then to the right.