Eduroam WiFi

The Department for Education, Children and Young People is trialling with the University of Tasmania the use of Eduroam to determine what benefits DoE staff (who are also enrolled in a UTas course) and UTas students undertaking work placements at DoE locations, may gain from being connected to Eduroam.

To connect to Eduroam they will need to use their UTas username and password.  DoE staff and students using their DoE username and password will not be able to connect to Eduroam as part of this trial due to duty of care requirements.

Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed to allow students, researchers and staff from participating Universities to get wireless connectivity across campuses and when visiting other participating Universities. Eduroam allows users from participating institutions to gain secure access to Wifi network access using their standard University username and password credentials as they do at their home University for Wifi access.

There is further information eduroam and a list of participating eduroam universities.

Connecting to Eduroam at DoE locations

Any person visiting a school site and wanting to use Eduroam will need to report to the front office of the school.

Eduroam will be a Wifi SSID advertised across all DoE Wifi access points.

If you experience issues in connecting please refer to this UTAS site for information on how to connect.

DoE staff / teachers and UTas students, currently undertaking work placement in DoE schools (who are enrolled in a UTas course) can connect to the Eduroam network using their UTas username and password from a DoE location.

This will provide access to the internet only using Eduroam credentials.