Importance of supported capability development

We value the importance of quality capability development. The Early Career Teacher Development Program provides the foundation for an early career teacher to:

  • maximise and build on the knowledge and skills gained through initial teacher education
  • develop capability and confidence to engage with and teach learners with a diverse range of needs
  • understand their responsibilities as a member of the teaching profession.

Good Practice Guide – Induction for Early Career Teachers

A planned and quality induction is vital to setting up early career teachers for success. We recognise that induction contributes to a sense of belonging and build a teacher’s identity and confidence to feel classroom ready.

The Good Practice Guide: Induction for Early Career Teachers is an online resource that outlines consistent and effective induction and orientation processes and is provided upon commencement with the department.

Professional Learning

A range of professional learning opportunities are available, tailored to the needs of early career teachers.

First Year Teacher Induction Program

The First Year Teacher Induction Program, delivered over four days across the state, supports first year teachers to build classroom readiness and transition into school life. They will deepen knowledge and understanding of the DECYP and the supports and resources available for our teachers.

Importantly, teachers will be able to build a professional learning network with other first year teachers and the wider DECYP community. 

Early Career Teacher Development Workshops

A four-day program offered regionally, one session per term, to early career teachers. Aligning to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, the program provides tools, strategies, and resources to support the transition from graduate teacher to proficient.

The program explores the fundamentals of effective teaching and learning from professional practices, identity, orientation to wellbeing.

BeTTR Hour

Beginning Teacher Time Release (BeTTR) Hour is a series of one-hour online sessions, tailored to the needs of early career teachers.

The program focuses on the fundamentals of teaching and learning meaningful to early career teachers, with opportunities to connect with fellow early career teachers and to ask any burning questions of expert teachers, across a range of topics.

Progressing to full registration

Progressing to Full Registration is designed to support teachers in their progress to full registration and will support teachers to reflect on their practice, understand their impact on student learning and learn how to evidence practice using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.