Support for Care Leavers

The After Care Support Program provides support for people who have been placed in State Care as Wards of State or Under Guardianship. This may include foster care, family group homes, cottage care, children’s homes and orphanages.

Through the After Care Support Program, care leavers are assisted to access personal files and understand the information contained in these files. Assistance may also be given to find members of a care leaver’s birth family.

If you are a care leaver between the ages of 18 and 24 years, you can also apply for financial assistance to assist you in your transition to adulthood.

If you continue living with your carer and are aged 18, 19 or 20 years, your carer may be eligible to apply for extended carer payments.

Read further information about accessing and registering for the After Care Support Program

Click on the above link to register for the program.

Access the After Care Support Application Form

Once Adoption and Permanency Services receives your application form, we will check that there is a record of your care held in Tasmania. Once this has been done you will receive an acknowledgement letter with an expected time frame for receiving the service you have requested.

Learning Incentive Allowance

The Learning Incentive Allowance encourages and supports young people living in Out of Home Care and on a Care and Protection Order under the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1997 to continue with education and learning through a payment of $2500 to both the young person and carer.

The payment is available to young people at the completion of Year 12 or equivalent. For carers of a young person attending Year 11 or Year 12, the option of staged carer payments is available at the start of both school years.

For carers of a young person attending Year 11 or Year 12 (or equivalent, such as VET or apprenticeship), you can receive:

  • a payment of $1250 at the beginning of the Year 11 school year; and
  • a payment of $1250 at the beginning of the Year 12 school year (if the young person goes on to attend Year 12)


  • a one-off payment of $2500 when the young person in your care completes Year 12 or equivalent

For young people who completed Year 12 or equivalent:

  • You can apply for a one-off payment of $2500 upon completion of the school year

Read further information about accessing and applying for the Learning Incentive Allowance here.